The Green Grocer

The Green Grocer helps readers to see the value of pursuing ethical policies. It’s a passionate call to ‘democratise environmentalism’ by making it relevant and relatable to all. 

Richard offers clear-sighted advice about how any business can make genuine progress on sustainable initiatives, while being realistic about profit margins, and obligations to shareholders and employees. His experience serves as an inspiration for any business, whether a large corporation, a start-up, a kitchen-table entrepreneur, or a sole trader, to make a difference. 

Citing real-life examples from ‘Doing it Right’, Iceland’s own sustainability strategy, Richard reflects on the successes and many failures he has experienced whilst endeavouring to reduce the retailer’s environmental footprint. He is transparent about the many trade-offs and tough choices that come with trying to make a mass-market food retailer more responsible. 

As a business leader Richard is aware of the fortunate position he is in and the impact his business decisions can make on the wider world, whether that’s a small logistical adjustment or a larger marketing campaign. His experiences detailed in The Green Grocer will inspire other business owners to recognise that no matter the size or age of their business they too have an opportunity to make a difference.