Richard Walker

Richard Walker is the managing director of Iceland Foods, a company that has had purpose at its heart since it was set up 50 years ago. Richard is at the forefront of the sustainability conversation, being a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, a member of the DEFRA Council for Sustainable Business, and a trustee of several environmental charities.

The Green Grocer is the ultimate guide to helping all businesses, from big corporations to kitchen table start-ups, recognise the value of pursuing ethical policies and how to achieve them.

Grounded in Richard’s first-hand experience, this book acts as a manifesto for corporate activism and challenges the idea that profit and purpose can’t exist together

One of the most impressive business leaders in the UK.

Piers Morgan

Whether you own a company or are interested in what it takes to make a multi-billion pound business greener, The Green Grocer is an inspiring read around ethical consumption, sustainability and greener living.

In his debut book, Iceland Managing Director, Richard Walker, reveals why he is personally passionate about sustainability, outlines his manifesto for corporate activism, and considers why it is so important for business leaders to look beyond short-term profit. 

Drawing on his experience in driving forwards ambitious sustainability initiatives and challenging the status quo, Richard delivers an honest account about the obstacles all businesses face and the need to make tough choices and trade-offs in order to build a more ethical future.

The Green Grocer offers a new lens to well-known issues. Most of us are aware of what we need to do to help our planet and why we need to act, but we now need to consider how we can each play our part. 

As public awareness of problems such as plastic and palm oil grows, consumers are taking more interest in a company’s ethics. 

Based on real-world knowledge, growth and understanding, The Green Grocer, shines a light on the solutions we all need to tackle sustainability concerns. From single-use plastic to panic-buying, government lobbying and the future of ethical business.

Whether you are a CEO, manager, assistant or consumer – any level of change can build up to a big difference and we can all incite action.

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